Making News and Kicking A$$!


We are making the news all while kicking Fudders and Dumpers A$$es !



I really like those 2 news articles @M-Kid we are slowly gaining traction and getting more populair in the media while at same time we get rid of all the bots and dumpers on the exchanges we will soon be getting more and more people who will want in on ETN :sunglasses:


Watched kucoin when you said you were buying up, I seen you were eating up all the low sell orders but someone kept putting low sell orders back in it was a battle that looked like it couldn’t be won. Looks like someone is keeping the price down the bots couldn’t be defeated!


Yea I felt like a fat kid at the buffet today. I would Eat up those sell orders and 2 minutes later they were back again at the same damn price, in the long run it was better for me if they want to dump at the lowest price possible but if it is a person dumping they are as dumb as can be but I do feel like it was coming from trading bots.


It definitely sounds like bots doing that it would be to much of a hassle for someone to put in small orders the whole time :expressionless: i do believe we can defeat them sooner or later :wink:


This bodes very well and will have huge impact as they move to the next phase of rolling out what they want to do! Api access for all, hell ya, I think we will still see the price bump up more.