Making Custom Stickers- Design Ideas?

That will interfere with the QR scan.

Can you send me the SVG file? PM me.

Did I do.
If you want, you can also send a file.
Can I even see what that looks like

Can also be delivered in mirror image


Also QR-code

Also in SVG

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Yeah I got it, thanks. I think I erased your QR code thinking it was a mistake. Did you want me to make it for you or something?

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The qrcode was yours it ended on Qqq :+1:
No thanks . If I can help someone I like to do that.
Good luck with this.
I hope you can start making many beautiful things.


I made a kind of electroneum bank card myself with the qr codes on it.
Maybe an idea for your future customers of yours.


It ends in qq because It’s crying.

How big should that qr code be in pixel?

Can’t you put that somewhere in your machine?

It doesn’t matter since it is a vector it is infinitely scaleable but for a keychain you want to shoot for 1.75 inches at most and try to avoid lots of details if you can or else the masking won’t come off (It will be too hard to get it off and you’ll end up scratching it) even if I soak it in water.

Why doesn’t anybody get my jokes? QQ means crying and my wallet ends in qq because the balance is not high enough.
Whoever sent me 1 ETN thanks for getting my joke. That made me laugh.

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I re-did the keychain, making it smaller and it still scans/works.

Anybody want one of these with your QR receive code on it?

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You mean like on these blanks from Michaels? I can do that.

Wanna be more specific?


Yes that’s it, maybe with a look akin to the ETN coin emblazoned into it or what ever!

What about like this and your QR receive code underneath? Ignore the gray colors of where it says electroneum and the circle around the bolt as it will just laser engrave out all of it and I can spray it whatever color I want. Also ignore the arrows surrounding the “accepted here”. If you don’t like the font for the “accepted here” I can throw a few more at you in PM to see which one you like.

I’ve been thinking how I am going to do the baby blue on the bolt and I finally figured it out. I engrave the whole thing, spray paint it black, maybe give it a light sanding and then fill in the bolt with baby blue acrylic ink like I did when I made this Chargers sign for someone.

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Awesome! That’s along the lines of something looking very cool!

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Does that mean you want 4 of them? And do you want your QR code on there too? If so PM me.

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