Making Christmas cards with etn paper wallet

I think it is an very good idea to make Christmas cards with a paper wallet with 10 50 or more etn in it.
Maybe other forum member have an idea how to make them or make an exemple of it.
I am sure it would be a good thing for adoptation of electroneum.
I was thing you can make them with a small etn logo on the card itself and the paperwallet inside.
You could put a card under Christmas tree or send to people you know.Maybe card with small amounth of 10 etn is good idea so you can send more cards.
I am sure it is a good idea to make cards and offer them in shops.

What do other forum memeber think of it? i hope may idea can be picked up by more members.

It is a generous idea but the only problem is that there is the risk that lots of that ETN will never be redeemed and will be lost forever.

I remember a debate with Jimmy Song & Roger Ver and I think an audience member made the suggestion that more bitcoin ($10-20) should be given out to get me people involved.

The risk of the BTC being lost forever was a more likely outcome.

And yes we do have a lot more ETN max supply than BTC.

People need to be ready to get involved in crypto currency is my opinion - although I appreciate your intended positive sentiment.

Perhaps if you get a person to actually setup a mobile wallet, send them the few ETN to peek their interest.

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Yes great idea I like this almost like a gift card but for crypto.

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I don’t think that lost etn should be a problem;Et is made for mas adoption and that is the only way to succeed.I give an exemple.You make 100 cards with 5 etn in it.So you only use 500 etn.If 90 cards with the coins get lost but 10 people get involved with etn that 10 wil be far more importent the loss of the other450 etn.Of that 10 people maybe 2 of them wil be promoting etn themselve or play a part in the etn economy at some point.There are etn coins enough and the most important thing for etn is to get more users fast.everyrhing has a limited time to get adopted or something else wil take it place.Btc is already 10 years trying to get mas adopted ,as the currency for daily use its time is over ,it wil have an other use now as the digital gols or other. Almost everything on this planet has a limited time to make it,etn has done wel in the first year and a way ahead other coins ,i see that etn has 2 to 3 years from now to make it .We the community have a big task to make it work.

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Here you have. Your dreams is now filled.

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