Make your own hardware wallet to store ANY cryptocurrency


I use a Blockmaster Safestick. They are used by the British Government and the NHS to secure data. It has encryption at a hardware level, when you plug it into a computer you get prompted for your password which you set up at first use. Without the password it’s just about impossible to access anything stored on it, with AES256 encryption.

You can store copies of your offline/paper wallets on it along with any PGP keys or anything else you need to protect. It’s one of the best things I’ve bought, highly recommended.


Just that you can lose it, or you can break it, or your dog breaks it, then ETN goes to $10, you kill your dog, get another dog and switch to ETN wallet.


No different to the dedicated BTC hardware wallets. It’s still better, safer and less likely to get damaged than a paper wallet.


Thanks @Joe90 i kinda like it i might get one or maybe several :thinking:


100 is the key number here!


Haha @M-Kid might need another 100 all over the place :yum: