Make Electroneum more user friendly

Yes, compared to other cryptos ETN is amazing. Great app, easy to use and I back it. I got a good amount of money in it. But I know you can do better. Most people probably don’t want to hear it and will just go with “Yeah, but…”

I think for mass adoption, you need to get rid of the “Hey, look, we’re a cryptocurrency”. It’s not necessary. I think you have an amazing idea but ever since the bubble burst the majority of people are not very keen on crypto, are they? I think in order to become adopted by the masses, you need to work on your interface even more. Get rid of the wallet addresses. It confuses and scares your average user. I’m sure there are easier ways. Get some more designers on board and make this the easiest thing possible. Get out of the crypto world and speak to people who are not involved in crypto. They won’t care it’s crypto. Lose the crypto thought and make Electroneum awesome software to transfer money, pay, etc. Mass adoption will follow, I’m sure.

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Competitor of ETN company name CitiCash from our country have alias something like nickname. You choose one and use it instead of wallet adress. They are 2 months old and have gui wallet… So yes 100% agree that we need something like this. Easier use and gui + iOs wallet. And maybe adress book… Etc

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We finally agree on something :smiley:

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Good that someone else try to give suggestions. I give a lot of but seems nobody listen to me… :smiley: have some in excel and some are here in this section…

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I’d like to see the UI a little more refined too. I’m sure design improvements will come with future updates.

Richard mentioned in an interview that they were going to use phone contacts and/or phone numbers as a way to send payments which would be a great addition.

I think the wallet address should reveal itself if you press and hold over a contact, but remain hidden otherwise.

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Good point. There are so many apps in the FinTech industry, it’s crazy. So I’d say there isn’t really too much time. Living in Dublin atm and there’s this company Plynk (I think they’re bust now, but got a 25€ seed round - certain conditions attached - and they did like sending money through the messenger and phone numbers. they only had 15k downloads or something. pretty poor. i suppose the unbanked are the better way…but the same there…intuition should let you use the app without any problems. I like the wallet address idea.

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I think not saying were a cryptocurrency or saying that as you say seems kind of silly but totally agree on wallet addresses we need an easier way to send to friends or even using someone email address this has been suggested many times I believe they will probably do this in the future.

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Why would you mention that it’s crypto? If you ask someone on the streets, their answer to what it is will be, it’s bitcoin. That’s all they’ll say. I just think crypto turns non techies off and it doesn’t really help to promote the conpany itself, does it? As lo g as the product’s fast and working well

I know it seems silly, but I do agree with this. The general public are suspicious of crypto and until they’re not we should market ETN by saying what it can do and how it will change things rather than saying it’s crypto.

Have you seen Initiayive Q? They’ve had viral growth across Facebook in recent weeks marketed as ex-PayPal employees’s new future payment system. You have to trawl through their website with a fine tooth comb to find that they’ll be using blockchain technology.


Makes a lot more sense to me

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lol It makes perfect sense since the people who know nothing about Crypto generally won’t be using it since they don’t need it in western countries and of course are likley to listen to negative information pushed out by the media to get clicks. The market Electroneum is mainly going after, mostly countries without proper banking systems it makes little difference what its called aslong as it is user friendly they will use it providing they have reason to and our marketing is on point.

Lets try and think about things with a level head here, not calling it Crypto I think would have the opposite effect, sometimes I think people forget and think our mums and dads are going to be using Crypto its unlikely anytime soon, crypto is likely going to take off more in countries were it is literally miles better then what they already have. Try selling Crypto to someone who uses a Debitcard and does not understand it they don’t care at all.

Making Electroneum more user friendly I completely agree with its not there yet and needs improving, it goes back to the idea that people don’t care how it works in the background they care that it works so people aren’t going to care if it’s called Crypto, if they do then they probably arn’t going to be using it anyway. It’s like saying when Paypal came out they should call it something everyone would recognize people didn’t know what the heck paypal was at first they just knew it was easy to use and easy to accept money with.

Why don’t you hit Richard ells up for a job, you seem to know WTF u talkin bout bruh! :joy: everything gonna get tweaked before main net launch. Just chill on the meantime

If you look deep inside your heart, you’ll see that its true. And in 2 years from now we’ll see what will have happened to etn…and I promise ill get back to you :wink: