Major RPC contract signed

Good news, a contract with a major RPC provider has just been signed. This will unlock the power of the Electroneum blockchain to many new developers.
Soon after going live you’ll see a developer Hackathon, which will encourage new web3 developers onboard, and create new decentralized utilities, connectivity and projects on the Electroneum Blockchain.

This will provide an alternative URL, and will provide an RPC for the Testnet

Regards, Richard Ells CEO


Wise decision. This is exactly what we needed.
(if I read it according to my technical knowledge what I think about this)
If a project has been performed well on the testnet and has added value for ETN_SC, it can be transferred to the mainnet.
It is better to sell ETN_SC to companies and other institutions/universities.
After all, you have every opportunity to show where they can build something for the future and/or current applications.
Companies can also express their wishes from which they can implement their new applications.
Personally, I think there is still a lot of ignorance among companies and other institutions about the possibilities. But this option could convince them.


A testnet gives developers somewhere to test their tools and contracts with no fear of causing issues or loosing real coins. Same for normal users, if you want to try out a new tool or wallet… you can try on the testnet first so you dont have to worry about doing things wrong while you learn.

It will also likely have a faucet people can access to get free ETN to use for their testing. Very important part of the smart chain infrastructure.