Magento 2 Payment Integration Demo

Hello ETN community.

I have been working on Electroneum Payment Gateways for both Magento 1 and 2 and have finally reached a stage that looks decent, there is still some functionality I’d like to add, but for now it’s operational.

If you would like to see the working example, please check it out at:
For my demo I’m running on a default Magento 2.2 installation with a sample catalog, so nothing purchased will be fulfilled. Sadly I’m just a worker bee with none of my own products to sell. As such, any payments made during testing of the demo will be treated as donations, and for this I do thank you :slight_smile:

Below is a quick video of the checkout process on both desktop and mobile platforms.

If you would like to test the process out it’s super easy.

  1. Head over to
  2. If you want to avoid entering personal or dummy info, go straight to the login page and use the provided demo customer details.
  3. Find a cheap product, or search for “watch” (products are priced in ZAR, R1 = $0.07 at the time of writing)
  4. Add it to the cart and click the cart icon top right
  5. Proceed to checkout, enter any relevant info you need to (if you didn’t login), choose “Free Shipping” and then select “Electroneum Instant Payments” in the payment method section
  6. Scan or tap the QR code to make your payment via phone or browser
  7. Feedback to me on the experience, bugs, quirks, whatever.
    (fyi: i am aware that the QR code payment page needs to be bigger on mobile)

Finally, I would like to give a quick shoutout to the Electroneum team that have been working hard on this entire project for a while. I am super excited about where this thing is going, and I’m stoked to be playing around with payment integration.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

That’s excellent. Really love the work so many of you are putting into getting things rolling and being able to showcase just how simple it really will be for not only people buying stuff, but also the vendors.

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You are doing a great job, thank you

You guys are just awesome! Keep them coming!

Amazing! Just tried it out and it worked perfectly! I’ll continue to test it out on various platforms, but for now it works great…

Great video too! Thanks for doing this.

By the way, are you South African too?

Thanks buddy. I really appreciate it.

I too am from South Africa yeah, down in Durban.


Excellent Work. Really great integration and professional video. You and others like yourself are doing an awesome job in both the testing and marketing of this coin. Thanks for your efforts.

Thats amazing @mattcremerband you did a great awesome job keep up the good work :blush::+1:

Awesome! I’m from Potchefstroom. We South Africans are taking ETN by storm…

One small suggestion I can make, place the following HTML in the head tag of the page containing the QR code. This should make your page display correctly on mobile:

<meta name="viewport"content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">


awesome stuff! thanks for putting this demo together :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

That is very good! Keep it up.

A quick fix, thanks!
It was on my radar I just hadn’t looked into it yet. Loads great now by default.


Matt - incredible work and achievement. Thank you for taking Magento into consideration, as you know there are several high profile retailers using this platform, among many others with smaller sale volume, like myself :wink:

Once you’ll be satisfied with the code, are you planing to officially advertise it onto the Magento Marketplace? I’m guessing not before the Electroneum IP goes live?

Thanks again

This looks great, thanks @mattcremerband!

I’ll pass the video on to our commercial team to get this shared online! :slight_smile:


Well done bro…Durban is where we’re all at. #ETN4SouthAfrica

Hey there, do you have a guide for setting this up? im also running a Magento store and would like to get this in.


Hi Matt,

Would you be willing to share your code with the world? I’ve had some people asking me for a Magento integration.

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to make the call on that as the modules I’ve built were done under my company’s name. I’m waiting on the bossmen to figure out how they want to move forward with the two Magento modules.

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If it helps there is a bounty programme to help reimburse the community for writing plugins … :slight_smile:


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