M1 Phones that have iOS?

Is there any possibility that you might partner with Apple to download iOS up the phones like Apple? I would love to buy one but I definitely have never liked Android in which I used to own one.

I’ll give you 0.000000000000001 % chance :thinking::smile:

Never going to happen IOS is for apple phones only

These phones are for developing countries which opposes apples cost model. So the chances are nil. Heck I don’t need one but I’m going to get one…just dive in and you might like it :wink:

I didn’t enjoy Android the last time I had it. And I think they will eventually. It’s a phone. They can partner with both Google and Apple. It’s for mass adoption. They can do both. As for the Android, no thanks. I absolutely hated my last android I had. I like the iOS much better. If they don’t, safe to say I won’t be getting their phone.

why do you need an M1? If you like iOs you probably have an Apple phone already. you can use the cloud miner there too

It looks better than an iPhone. Plus iPhones are much more expensive. Rather not have to waste $500-$1000 on replacing an iPhone again.

Can’t see Pomme phone licensing their software for anyone else.

It is their crown jewels even more than the actual phone/tablet.

Similar specced phones running other OS just don’t have the flow and ease of use that a Pomme phone has.

I personally prefer Android just from price point of view.

You realize the majority of the world, especially in Unbanked regions, use Android right? Apple does mainly the US and few elsewhere.

Android 37.55%

Windows 35.6%

iOS 14.05%

OS X 5.79%

Unknown 4.62%

Linux 0.79%

buy a similar Android phone and use an iOs launcher on it, there are plenty, for example: