M1 and The Unlimited Complaints Discussion

There’s been a lot of comments on many different platforms with complaints, criticism and concerns about the M1 and also the Unlimited MVNO.

Are they right? Are they wrong?

Here’s what we think:

Keep up the great work @Quorra_Merch !:+1: I always like to hear what you have to say.

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Can I give my opinion here? The person in the video clip is making all sounds very complicated (sorry no disrespect!) If we talk about the un-banked, we talk of someone that have no income, no bank? Currently in South Africa, when you will mine about R42 worth of etn. When you download the unlimited group app, and use that R42 of etn to buy data or airtime, you will get double the amount, so that will give you about R82 airtime and about 500mb data. So, you have the ETN, you not need to get any conversion whatsoever to buy ETN? Remember, if you had no income, this is gold??

Lets jus take this a bit further, In a household of 4 (average) they can mine a total of R168 per month (free money) that can buy two quarter chickens at Nando’s through the Unlimited group app and get R140 worth of airtime!!!

Now I hope this will clear the wholespeculation thing of where to convert ETN to ZAR/fiat? :slight_smile:


You misunderstood what I said about converting ETN. I obviously know you pay directly with ETN. I was saying that if they’re low-income, and just Cloud Mining they won’t be able to pay for a full plan just from what they mined in a month.
So that’s why I said, if the plan is $6. They get $3 from the Miner. Where does that other $3 come from? They may have it in Fiat, but how do they take that Fiat and convert it to ETN? Because you have to pay the whole thing in ETN.
You said that Mining will pay for a whole R42 plan, but that’s not even on the app. I just checked. The cheapest plan is the R9 plan and it’s currently 102 ETN. If they mine more than 102 ETN a month they’re fine but if they want the R29 plan that’s 331 ETN a month, they can’t mine the entire thing. So again, they may have 100 ETN to take off that 331 but they’re still 231 ETN short. How can they convert the Fiat they have to ETN to pay for that 231?

And I already know the Gig site will be a way for them to make more. But that’s if they have a sale and if they make enough each month.

And like I said in the video. Unbanked does not mean they don’t have income or are poor. There are people who are Unbanked, but they do make enough to have a bank account but they just don’t need done.


People in South Africa are receiving about 14-25 ETN per day. Much more than what we are receiving. That’s between 420 and 750 ETN per month depending on the price of ETN. That’s enough to buy the first 5 packages.

@purkiss80 is getting about 25 per day and he’s in South Africa


You are correct…But you must realise that this rate of mining will not continue forever…! It will adjust for sure, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the cloud miners… I think this Rate will continue here in S.A for about the next three months while both teams are on the ground going from Durban To Cape Town and Lastly Johannesburg…By which time we should have plenty more users added to the system…Giving us Viral growth which should Ultimately lead to Mass Adoption…!!:+1::+1::+1:


If it stays at that rate, that’s great!


Maybe it is here to stay?, the $3 plus minus, the ETN team is talking about is R42? So, just maybe this is what everyone will eventually get?

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I found this yesterday @Quorra_Merch while looking around the forum. It seems to me they are going to have “Electroneum agents” who will convert fiat for Etn for a small fee. This will allow the unbanked to covert Etn in and out of fiat locally.

Written September 18th 2018 so it seems they have a plan :zap:


Thank you! I’ll let people know

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I commented this under your video.

As the MVNO’s could save up to 30% on money transfer from the agent to the bank. The MVNO could offer a percentage back, let’s say 5%, to the agent to sell above spot price for his commission. This was mentioned in Mick’s 5th video of the latest interview series with Richard.


The real key is for the price to get to 500-600sats. Electroneum can dramatically reduce ETN payments per user, and use the pre-mined coins to get more users.

Let’s not forget that the MVNO is also getting paid directly from Electroneum for every customer they onboard!!!