M Pesa vs Electroneum


With M Pesa already having established itself in Africa and beyond as serving the unbanked, how will Electroneum compete?

One thing of note is that M Pesa is owned by Vodafone. In my opinion, Electroneum would need to be competing against this giant in order to take market share.

The ultimate question though is, with a product that already exists that seems to be serving the unbanked in Africa, why would Electroneum be needed?

One reason I will give right now could be convenience. Currently unbanked people need to physically travel to an M Pesa agent, give them physical cash so the agent can transfer into funds electronically via sms to the persons account. Electroneum won’t need the user to travel anywhere as it will all be done electronically.

However that seems to be the only benefit I can see of electroneum over m Pesa. The downside of ETN being the ridiculous price volatility, which is a big issue.

Anyone have any other thoughts or ideas as to why ETN is better than m Pesa for the unbanked in Africa?



Cloud mining faucet - pay the part or whole of mobile bill, plus incentives from mobile operators. (earn/airtime)
Instant payment
Gig.guru / digital services (earn)
Own bank via mobile app with or without interest/
Finance/microloans (borrow/finance business/consumption)
Direct mobile relationship (no middleman/agent)
Increased physical market trades (earn/spend)
Other retailer (spend)
Mobile phone set deals (free/low cost)
Exchanges (speculate/profit)



ETN is also border-less. It doesn’t rely on one mobile carrier in a few countries.
M-Pesa is only used on Voda networks in Africa.