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looks like luna was some kind of sca m. some interesting info there - now the markets are in freefall only etn holding on lol


I think maybe Luna will come back up… whu knows… I gambled a bit today and bought some… just in case :hushed::hushed::hushed:

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Me too :raised_hand: :muscle:

Hey who knows what will happen.


I wonder about it all now - some of the coins order books are really falling - it makes me think that we are dropping to zero. I was looking at RSR down to 14 sats on binance and the order book has hardly anything in it . ARK has maybe 200k to drop to zero. lots of the other coins look bad also. I wonder if we are really getting into the big crash that has been forecast for so long. If so I won’t really matter where your money is anyway…might as well buy more etn!!!

Luna has more than twice the supply ETN has now. No chance itll ever hit $120 again.

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My thought is this. LUNA’s company owners will disappear soon

states will demand regulation as this type of crisis can happen
CBDCs will act and lead the way. 90% of the coins will be deleted from the market

This time;
Electroneum should attack right then and present itself as a star hero.

it will be more than bull season then


Anyone know much about telcoin? Seems it is doing most of the thing etn is trying to achieve. Remittance, in-app swaps, mobile based… never noticed it before tbh.


Not sure about that coin but watching luna up 1300 percent is hilarious - crypto won’t be taken seriously with stuff like this going on all the time.

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Luna company owner is serious person I think he stay and try to fix a Luna’s problem… Luna will be back :wink: … just my feelings haha

Today i buy 10 grands worth of luna.
Next week i will be a millionaire.

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Good luck…


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Please be aware if thinking about investing in this coin.
Im £5000 down in just 2 days and it looks like i am going to lose the lot.

Its all gambling. I think its probably done and in all honesty I think the global collapse will ruin all the coins as well as the mainstream economy. No one will escape it. The next year or two will be very interesting to be sure. In any case don’t worry about it. I suspect we will all be in the same boat and forced to make life changing decisions soon.

All crypto is on its back.
I used to make good money trading various coins. I could easily make 2 grand a week.
It was so good i packed in my regular job and traded from the comfort of my own home.
These days im lucky to make 50 quid.

I invested £10,000 british coins in this coin.
Its now worth £1.37.
Not even worth a bag of chips.

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brutal…crypto is not predictable that is for sure - hang in there, hopefully make it back another day!!


looka like they did something with luna and re released it? maybe you can get your money back ?

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