Loving this community website


I love that theres no spam messages every few minutes and absolutely love the fact that there are no scammers on here… so over telegram!! Great work ETN!!

Oh and of course… where are all the fudders from the pump and dump groups!! Nowhere to be seen… thank goodness.

another great thing i have noticed is with telegram you can easily miss out on some fantastic opinions because the chat groups are moving so fast. On here its saved to scroll back and check!


Totally agree. This forum is highly professional and well-moderated.


Yes i like the simple comfortable design! This place will grow in no time


need to get people over here!!


Shouldn’t have any issues when the marketing starts. People will be flooding in to find out more. We’re in the quiet before the storm :wink:


Me too, Discourse is great open-source forum software.


We’re really pleased that you’re enjoying the sight and hope that it will go from strength to strength as more people from the ETN community join and start to contribute!


Yeah the Spam messages on Telegram get out of hand i am really happy that they made this awesome forum to bring all of us together in one place :blush:


will there be an app coming or mobile website in the future?


Exactly! Bringing together the people that believe and invest in this project. Some great discussions to be had! Telegram was too easy for those that simply want to damage the brand to run their mouths and influence. The value of discussion got lost in the ever growing FUD clutter.


agree so much more optimism in here without the FOMO crowd. Just believers in ETN.


yeah i started to dislike telegram a lot especially after the okex vote that went on :neutral_face: