Looking to Upgrade my Chart Knowledge!


I have been in cryptocurrency for a while now but charts still elude me greatly. For you chart experts out there, where is a good place to start understanding the in’s and out’s of chart analysis? Cheers!


Read the book “The Intelligent Investor”, watch videos & read about trading, patterns and indicators and most importantly, trade. Try making a small profit every day even if it’s only 1%. You will make mistakes and lose money but it’s the way to learn how to feel the market and mitigate risks. You don’t need to know every single indicator but I recommend you study:

Resistance & Support


Right on, thank!. jeez it’s like ETN homework!


Reading up on the Bollinger bands and how they work right now :slight_smile:


Yeah, but it’s worth it. You should also follow this channel, me and Matt tend to spend time in there.


Cheers! I am in it now :slight_smile: