Looking for new or experienced blockchain developers!


I (along with several other scientists) are looking at developing a non-profit blockchain platform to address issues regarding donation when it comes to funding research of all disciplines. We have began to build our platform on the ETH blockchain, however now feel EOS or Cardano’s blockchain may be better suited for what we are trying to accomplish. We are made up of several scientists from several disciplines (in Canada and USA), a graphic artist, and several advisors. Unfortunately, we as a collective have little to no coding background and are need of additional help to get this project to the ICO stage.

Are there any blockchain coders out there? or could someone point me in the direction of a forum I could ask again?



https://bitcointalk.org/ has a section for that kind of thing. Likely your best bet.


Thank you! I appreciate the advice. Can you send me your ETN address, so I can send you some ETN?


Very kind, but not necessary :+1:. Good luck with your project.


Thank you, good luck with your future endeavors. I am sure I will see you around the forum. :v:


Did u heard something about NEM? Cheerss!!!