Long processing times on offline wallets withdraws

Its been almost 30 hours and my etn is still not in my available balance. How could it be possible that it takes over 2 days to confirm and become where I can spend it. Should be faster than that imo. I know ill get it but it will take days.

I agree, I’m also not sure why it should take so long, I’ve experienced the same. I’m guessing it has something to do with the hybrid nature of the electroneum system. Checking the movement of the coins, because the blockchain is faster than that.

I’ve now read that entire topic.
There are no answers in there.
@RSKNOR comes closest to one.

I imagine the bigger the blockchain becomes, the longer it will take to withdraw from an offline paper wallet.
Imagine in 1-2 years when ETN will finally worth more than 1 cent, and you decided to sell a part.
Oh wait, I have to think about it one month before just to put my coins in my wallet and send them in an exchange. :sweat_smile:

sr but your comment is really awfull “1-2 years and etn will finally worth more than 1 cent” get your sarcasm back in your hole!!!

I wanted to write 3-5 years in the first place :shushing_face:


i experimented today importing etn from paper wallet to online wallet. sent it at 1206 and checked again at 1535, its already confirmed. i was expecting a few days of waiting. what could cause this much discrepance between other peoples transactions?

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sent from online wallet to paper wallet as a test. checked about an hour later and its confirmed. will do the opposite later on.

Good info. But when did you send ETN coins to offline paper wallet in the first place ?
If coins were sent 18 months ago or yesterday, maybe the process time is not the same.
Thank you in advance for your answer.

i dont think there is a problem with sending to paper wallet.

sent it last night before i went to sleep. so are you saying that if the transaction(to paper wallet) was done some time ago, importing etn to online wallet would take more time?

It’s the feeling I have. I tried a demo once for a friend, sending coins to Offline Paper Wallet (OPW) and sending back to the application. Everything was done in an hour.
But my first tentative of importing from an old OPW took several days to complete the transaction.
But maybe the ETN infrastructure was different, I don’t know.
I’m just worried about the time it will take to import our coins from OPW to App when we’ll decide to sell a few. If it takes 1 week to import, the price would have changed at least 150 times. :slight_smile:

yeah. i get what youre talking about. maybe the best option would be: if you have a few months old paper wallet, import it to online wallet and move it again to a newly generated paper wallet. maybe this way, importing from a new(ish) paper wallet would be faster.