Local bitcoin breached


The Localbitcoins was able to identify and resolve the issue quite quickly which proves the competent and responsive quality of the team. However, the team hasn’t announced yet if the affected users will be compensated for their losses.

Oh dear .

Stay safe online …

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

These hackers are everywhere , don’t leave your coins on exchanges etc unless you know they are safely stored online.

Be careful…


@Cosmicrypto . :slightly_frowning_face::exploding_head::fearful:
babe- I think you were just speaking of this exchange, yikes.


Thanks for sharing! @Plankton
Definitely keep all coins off the exchanges


Thanks for sharing @Plankton it’s good to see the team responded quickly.
Thanks for the heads up @Annastasia :cherry_blossom: much appreciated :purple_heart:
I imagine not a lot would have lost their coins since it’s not an exchange. I transfer my btc as soon as it arrives, hopefully others do the same. I guess there would be a tonne of btc held in escrow though, although they would have been held by the LocalBitcoins team so maybe unreachable? Fingers crossed too many weren’t affected :crossed_fingers::blue_heart::purple_heart::green_heart:


Hahaha :joy: and I just recommended it to you! :weary:


Thank you for sharing Chris, honestly at least right now the only exchange I trust far as security goes is Liquid due to the cold storage and the fact they’re very security oriented in general. The rest of them to me are too risky to use unless you pretty much just use them to sell immediately.


That’s what I do , transfer BTC get etn then into wallet then paper…

Safe fast simple.

Thanks for liquid recommendation…


You’re welcome, I got a good stack there honestly I don’t really worry about it. I still don’t like the idea of paper wallets, so fragile. Though a hardware wallet has my interest when it’s available…

We do need more options, just imo the vast majority of regular people won’t opt for the paper wallets.


It’s easy to do as you know but for a newbie they can be a bit daunting.

Maybe etn app could transfer to ledger while offline via USB . Easy simple plug in device , make it waterproof, encrypted or fingerprint enabled … not sure if that’s possible yet lol


Indeed, I don’t use them myself since it’s just not a personal preference. We got Ellipal coming too and I am pretty sure we could get the 2k pre orders they want pretty easily for it.

I agree though it’d be great to see the other big ones to take ETN too, I think the general public would be much more receptive to ones like that.

And no idea if it’s possible but I sure like the idea! We need a cold wallet so strong you could play baseball with it and have no problems lol.


Exactly , bomb proof , emp proof , etc etc . I won’t get one as I don’t have enough crypto but if the wholearket picked up and I had millions then yeah paper wallets mmmm , gone …

My issue is if it’s digital it’s going to targeted , hacked etc. I know the encryption could protect but still needs to be safe , bullet proof


Yes please! Actually I wish they’d make smart phones a lot tougher, they keep making them super fragile lol and I can’t see why. I’m pretty sure making a super rugged one is more than possible.

Well not much can be done there, hackers will always try to gain access to devices. We can just do our best to prevent it. They all have to be security first and cut no corners when it comes to protecting users information and making devices as secure as possible.


Thanks for sharing @Plankton
Good to see youre on to it!
Be aware folks!