Listen to what Brian Armstrong CEO of Coinbase just said in Coinbase's new promo video , He just referenced ETN indirectly perhaps unknowingly but the writings on the wall!


go to 0.22secs in he says

" cryptocurrency is going to be a great democratizing force for the world because its going to level the playing field and allow ANYBODY WITH A CELLPHONE to access financial services "

then go to 1min 46 secs , he says

" Their are about 1.8 billion people in the world today that have cell phones but dont have access to any financial services whats really powerful about cryptocurrency is that it lets anybody that has a smart phone and internet connection participate in the global economy "

Cut that with the image of a scene from india in an unbanked region of the world !!

You could have literally stuck a ETN logo right there next to Armstrong and it would have been a perfect fit while he was talking about cell phones and the unbanked ! Heck it could have been an advert for ETN

COME ON ETN we can change the world really, please please please get that marketing going you have this , lets gooooo


Fantastic article. Thanks for that


Great keep comming more awesome news. its just about hard work behind the scene :wink: i think that its not so far away to get listed there… we need again go to TOP50… and give it time :wink:


This isnt about coinbase listing , please watch the video !


It doesn’t describe ETN so much. We still have the middle man this is ETN team and central point is instant payment.


Obviously its not an advert with a direct mention but i was trying to show you how it practically indirectly references Electroneum , in the moments i mentioned , please read the comments before commenting , i put specific time stamps in for a reason !!


Hi Izmo, I saw this as well, and I agree it was very intuitive and I could also see the ETN logo behind the mirage. This is in my opinion, still a very big tick for ETN and as soon as we go mainstream ETN will get the recognition it really deserves.


Coinbase should have just profiled Electroneum!!!


What if the guest at MWC is the Coinbase CEO and there a partner? They just described ETN’s entire project in that 4 min video.


Yes I agree, they are pretty much talking about ETN, whether they realise it or not.