List Your Asset on Coinbase



@ETNCEO , please apply here . Thanks


A bit too much I believe. We need normal exchanges first, and the bigger ones are still hard to reach.
Coinbase is way too big and it accepts only 5 assets. Much bigger coins than ETN are not accepted there, like Monero, Ripple, EOS or DASH. So we need to stay strong on our goals, and not trying to get ahead of our time, that can possibly break all our efforts until now.



If we could get ETN to Coinbase we would have been topp 10 in a week or two, i would be so happy. Happy Days


I agree @B.F.A that would be super huge news for ETN and everyone will see that news and it bring so many new investors with that news :sunglasses:


Yes and it is so easy buy ETN then, i go there to buy bitcoin and transfer to liquid and then buy ETN. I will save money buy only using Coinbase, so i really want us listed there


I did ask coinbase this question and their reply was positive.

Please see this post …


And in my opinion no we are not too small for coinbase. That platform would enable people to buy on their app , BTC to etn without the wait time for transfers to and from exchanges

Coinbase is accepting new coins. Etn could join without listing fee!
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Can ETN get listed on Coinbase?

If they are not sure regarding a good amount of volume being traded on their platform, I don’t believe it’s that easy.


Thats Awesome @Chris_T Lets hope they Will add it then we wont need binance for sure :hushed:


I hope so , coinbase makes etn more accessible

#12 this petition could be usefully


Already signed it :slight_smile: thanks for the link !!