List the telegram Electroneum group in @Crypto (Crypto Groups)


This would be good to list the official Electroneum telegram group on @Crypto in telegram. All other major cryptocurrencies arr used to be on the list. So it will be good if ETN is also on the list there. Because Cryptogroups is the heart of all Cryptocurrencies in telegram :grinning:
Hope this will be approved. Thanks


Hello and a warm welcome to you.
Sorry I dont use Telegram.
Just the Community forum &


I used all the communities :smile:
But adding on Crypto Groups will gain more interest to ETN to many people


Very good Idea…
We have a strong community voting on twitter for Exchanges etc.
Iwill send you an invitation to the topic and the link.
Please vote for the Bittrex listing
Leave a comment .thanks!!


I’ll vote for sure😀
We love ETN❤


I used to be “atma gupta”
Wth Electroneum it changed!!- a little bit (4 months ago)


Nice to meet you Amta❤
I’m Dibakar Das from Assam, India.


My mother was brought up in Chittagong(Bangladesh).
We are English …we moved around a bit back then!!
I still have a :heart: for India.


That’s good.:heart:
Our conversation is increasing in the comments :joy:. PM me and also send links :heart: