List of Vendors that run the - "Instant Payment API"



Is there a list of vendors available, that already run the “Instant Payment API”.

I’m developing a new project-website where I’d like to provide the IP API. Would be great to see how other vendors implemented it.

Feedback is much appreciated.
All the best


Not a lot yet. Using the woocommerce store, there’s:,,


Thanks Ben,
I found a website that supposed to track websites that allow ETN payment. But many of the websites are not running or don’t show ETN as available payment option

I’ll give it some time to grow and continue developing my side :wink:

If anyone has more info about IP running sites, feel free to post.



They should be releasing a vendor directory website sooner or later to show all the stores that have the instant payment :thinking:


Yeah but we can just make a forum thread as well where everyone posts vendors that accept ETN. And the first post could summarize everything. Anyone willing to start and manage one ?


I could start one when i get home later today if it isn’t there yet already by now :thinking:


what?! No link?? :joy: Here:!


Sorry! Fixed it. Seems like these new generic domain extensions are too new for markdown to recognize as links.