List ETN On Bundil App Featured On Shark Tank

I was watching Shark Tank a few weeks ago and saw a pretty cool new crypto app launched that actually got a deal with Kevin O’Leary which is a billionaire. So, it will have huge backing and I’d venture to say it will grow fast and have a large user base. It could be a great app to try to get ETN listed on. Take a look @ETNCEO & @chris.gorman if you get a moment.

What is Bundil App?

Easily Invest Your Spare Change Into Bitcoin & Other Crypto

The Bundil platform allows you to automatically invest your spare change from everyday credit or debit card purchases into bitcoin & other crypto.

How It Works

You can check out the site here for more information.

Looks really good! I want this app and I want ETN on there!!! Thanks for sharing :+1:


Yeah, I like the idea and would use this app.


I like this project and i think it is a great idea. But i can not download it because it isn’t availeble in my country. That is what google play is saying when i want to download it on my phone. I hope it will be availeble soon so i can introduce this to my friends and familly and it would be awsome if ETN will be added to this app.


You’re welcome and I agree it does look great, it was on Shark Tank a couple weeks ago so it’s quite new overall. I think ETN could do really well on it too, it’s a cool app.

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Same here, I’d love to see ETN on it. I will likely send it in on support, I think I recall a suggestions area.

It was recently on Shark Tank and I don’t know if you’re familiar with the show but it’s people pitching ideas to venture capitalist to help fund their business whatever it may be. I think his app is quite new overall so I’m sure expanding will take a while.

You could contact support on the app website and ask too when they may be expanding to your region.

Oh, I just found this on the FAQ’s as well.

Does Bundil keep my cryptocurrency?

Bundil doesn’t hold any of your funds or cryptocurrency. We use Coinbase – the safest, most secure, and popular exchange to handle all of your transactions.

So Coinbase is only accepted so many places, that said I believe they’re in the middle of expansion too and with ETN going the regulated route and having already begun KYC/AML it’s a perfect fit for listing.

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I may have read it wrong but it looks like ETN would have to be listed on Coinbase for these guys to add it. Two more goals for ETN!

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At least in it’s current state yes, it does seem that way. I didn’t notice that part till I went back to the site and saw it. Great goals to reach for though Coinbase would be huge and the app looks really good too I like how it works.

But perhaps in the future the app creator may set it up to hold it without Coinbase as well. I really do think Coinbase will come too due to ETN working on compliance with international regulations and being KYC/AML compliant.