Liquid Exchange ETN/USD Pairing Coming Soon!

Just announced on Facebook a little while ago, so excited to see this more amazing news.

The team here at Electroneum are massively excited to announce our fiat pairing partnership with Liquid, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, which will start with ETN being paired with Euros (EUR) with a Dollar (USD) pairing following shortly.

This is a business-defining moment for Electroneum which will make us accessible to the next wave of people accessing crypto, those who will use it as a real-world utility and will spend it on everyday goods.

We’re really grateful to the teams at Liquid for helping breakdown the barriers to accessing ETN and enabling us to move one step closer to our aim of mass adoption.

You are correct

Now lets hope everything rolls out on time…

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I would love to know what is the target date and if they can make the deadline for once ;-).

I really don’t think it’ll take long since the start date for ETN/EUR is November 5th.

But will it roll out on time thats the question

Exactly. I can’t count much targets where ETN team met a set date.

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Well I think it will since it’s Liquid, they seem like a great exchange with a very professional team.

Been wanting to buy with USD how soon is soon?

Well Sistem Koin is about to go live with the ability to buy via USD and Liquid soon as well but there isn’t a specific date just yet.

I checked out both sites, I like Liquid much better. I am also cautious on doing business witch Sistemkoin (sp) consodering the country they are in a the financial situation.

Yeah, I highly recommend Liquid actually as they’re also a regulated exchange and probably the most secure right now since they hold coins in cold storage.

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Does anyone know if we can deposit into Liquid account using credit or debit cards? Or it must be a bank transfer?

I’m yet to find out. I wasn’t able to submit my documents, and today I saw a mail from their team member, and he’s asking me why I didn’t complete my verification, and if there’s some way they can help me. I answered that I could use any help, and I’m waiting for their answer now.