Liquid Exchange Delisting ETN

Today it was announced that Liquid Exchange will be delisting ETN.

Not sure why this happened since ETN seems to be one of the most mature cryptocurrencies… or maybe it is now the time to accept it will always be a “penny” cryptocurrency I am just to in love to accept it.

Any thoughts about this decision?

there was a team member commenting on this topic earlier today

ETN is being delisted from Liquid.

Source: email from Liquid.

They are delisting a number of coins to create ‘ a robust environment and best experience’ for users .

Worth checking your email if you have any ETN stored on the exchange.

Personally, I don’t see this as a big deal, especially in light of what is happening with the development posted above.

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ETN is being delisted from Liquid.

Not surprising, there was zero volume on the exchange since the hack. They said they were opening up in the US market in 2019, but that never happened. Seems they are having a lot of issues with breaking the US.

They also announced no new users being accepted outside Singapore from this year on. Looks like the exchange is winding down following the FTX purchase.

Not at all surprising they delisting lots of coins, including ETN.


Nice explanation there @BegaMutex :+1:


Hello all,

The removal of ETN, as well as numerous others from Liquid, is due to the FTX takeover, and the streamlining of their projects. We still continue to have a relationship with Liquid. This news doesn’t deter from the ongoing plans for the rest of the year which can be seen in the latest community update on the ETN-Network newsroom:

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My goto exchange Liquid has delisted ETN.
Far as I know there not exchange left where I can buy ETN with Fiat.

Wow thats not good to hear