Liquid Euro Pairing


Some awesome news for everyone out in the community. We’re massively excited to announce our Fiat Pairing Partnership with Liquid, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. ETN will go live with Euros first (EUR) with a Dollar (USD) pairing following shortly.​

So if you’re an e-commerce biz, a barbers, a sandwich maker, a street vendor, a café, whatever your business you can now benefit from ETN as your business can now buy and sell it simply and easily .​

This is a business-defining moment for Electroneum and a pivotal moment for cryptocurrency in general. It will make us accessible to the next wave of people accessing crypto, those who will use it as a real-world utility and will spend it on everyday goods. ​

And it will give vendors the chance to convert their ETN into Euros or Dollars – breaking down another barrier to accepting cryptocurrency as a form of digital payment as it gives them the option to convert their ETN into a currency that’s more widely recognised. ​

This is an essential option in the early days for this currency and any currency and it will help speed up vendor adoption.​



Fantabuloustic news , well done team !!!


My favorit exchange, after i start using it, it is the only one i use


@Jade_O, how does this work exactly? Can you keep Euros or USD on an exchange and trade in and out of ETN if you want to?


Yes as i understand that is what Liquid will do. Liquid is also suppose to apply for banking license in Japan in 2019. Happy Days



This is amazing news vert positive for ETN congrats all…


…and the train keeps on rolling FANTASTIC !!!