"Light" Paper Wallet

Hi guys.

@ETNCEO, @Rach

I would like to make a simple yet powerful suggestion. The current paper wallet output looks great, but has a dark bold background as default. This is a printing concern. I land up editing my PDF simply to remove the background and conserve printer ink.

I suggest that you make an similar “lite” version that has minimal elements on the page, such as barcodes, keys and a logo as the main elements. Light text for instructions etc.
Keeping inline with the CI.

People would be much happier to print off many new wallets to store their coins in if the printing impact was at a minimum.

If we’re going for the unbanked, ink will definitely be a scarce resource.

Kind Regards

fantastic idea and I agree! :smiley:


Great idea Marc, they do give the ink cartridge a bit of a touchup. :grinning:


Absolutely Agree! i only managed to print 17 Wallets out of my Epson, from 4 brand new Ink Cartridges that i put in the printer just for the Wallet job. I had to stop at 17 because they ran out on wallet 17. The wallets in their current format use a crazy amount of ink.
I did put the quality settings to high to avoid any missed pixels that were present when i had the quality set to normal. Having missed pixels on a QR code = BAD when trying to scan the code.
Having a more printer friendly version would be great.


I personally think this is a great idea. I’m always hesitant to print multiple wallets purely because of ink usage. I don’t know why, but I don’t seem to be getting much traction from the community or team though.

As a web designer, I’ve decided to edit the paper wallet V1.6, changing only the color values to output to PDF only what I would like to print. The “lite” version. I haven’t touched the core.

See screenshot :

I’m not sure what legal implecations there are, but if the Electroneum team agrees, I’d gladly share this print friendly version. Or they could supply their own :wink:


This looks great, just what me and a few others have been wanting…

We are tipping fast food delivery guys, uber drivers ect, with ETN paper wallets, with instructions to guide them through getting started with Electroneum printed on the back of the wallets, and the ink hungry nature of the wallets is a problem.

I’d be interested in trying this out.


I said this during the ICO last year and repeated it a number of times on the telegram channel. Totally agree and I guess I should have just opened a PDF editor and fixed it.

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