Life is so hard 😓


@Tanwax thanks dear for believing but kurd is also right that a lot of people lie and uknown person can think the same about me. first of all kurd maybe you didnt read my post full because i am owner of the account also i have uplouded proofs for instance: trading etn to btc after withdraw also you can see time its happend in seconds also
talking with cryptopia supporter where he or she told that my acc is really used by another person with other ip and ect, if you can telll me how to prove that i am not lier because i know its neccessary but at the same time i am not mood for proving it but i will!!! because a lot of member from community helped me and shared my pain.


I am very sorry but those screenshots are not enough proof.
By the way i never said u’re a lier.
If u film your cryptopia account showing us your trade history, withdrawal history…
I promise to send u 150 etn(i know it’s nothing but i can’t afford more now).


first of all thank you but i dont want your etn after all but i will prove that but please explain me what you were meaning in film cryptopia acc?
also i dont want to say but i should say it. after that fact i wrote a comment on truthful rob video and told him my story after that he made video about me you can see it:
he wrote my etn address on descripyion, after one day i recieved 1750 etn and i was so exciting but in several hours i also read comment on the video that that guy who sent me etn wanted to send this electroneums to rob for some reasons and he told me to send those etns to rob if i am lier and scammer i wouldnt send him electorneums but i did because who know better this feels than me after my occasion you also can see those conversation between me rob and this guy who sent etn incorrectly in comments, my youtube channel name is someoneseller


I have already seen it, but that is not a video, that’s only your screenshots.
I mean: enter your cryptopia account them record the desktop go to different areas of your account and show us your transactions in that real time video


I think basically what kurd.girl is saying is that there is nothing official showing that the chat is conducted with cryptopia and if you were to show that the chat is an official chat with an official representative then you will probably receive more donations. Like the chat has not one official item on it, like a https url at the top of the page or if its an email that it actually comes from an official cryptopia email address.


A few years ago i was fooled by many forex signal scammers showing only screenshots that were all fake and deliberately made to scam naive people.
So i wanted to make sure those stories are not repeating here.


Its always wise to be extra safe.


no problem i will make video as soon as i afford for you to relax, also my goal is not to get more and more donations it would help me but its not main thing for me!!!


i will make this video who already believe in me Like tanwax and other guys i love your humanity dears because when i help someone i dont care about he is lying or not because god see everything its my opinion but of course you have right to think different


I Believe you don’t worry about it if KurdGirl gave you something send it back tell me how much it was and I will double it. It is the season for giving and helping others.


I believe that life is all about helping others, when you give a homeless person some money do you worry that they will spend it on drugs, or that they are not really homeless? I have been challenged by people on this matter constantly. Why? If you give with the best intentions then that’s that. I think it important to always try to help other people. I am not a religious man, I am just a human sharing my time on Earth with other humans and doing my best. I would not like @PEACE to post any further ‘proof’ as it isn’t necessary. Why kick a man when he’s down. IF and I say that word with no inference @PEACE is not being truthful then that’s on him. As I said before community is all about trust. Without trust we don’t have community. Ruminate on that a while @Kurd.girl no one has forced you to help him, and trust in my words if you were in the same situation a lot of us would be sympathetic to your plight also. Have a great day.


@Tanwax, @wTz1 haha i am very happy to meet you tanwax dear ofc i dont want something fomr him !!! and wtz1 dear i have same view like you you are right when i help someone i dont care if it is right or lier in that situatuion i have to help him its my obligation(not obligation but wish) especially in my situation i dont want to remember this crash but i will prove him that everybody is not lying, in my opinion human should has belief than look everyone with suspicion for me catastrophe because what is life when you look everybody especially your friends and also sisters and brothers with suspicion but i am not your friend that is why i want to prove you that you have incorrect appearance! and guys i am thankful that you believe in me but you dont know who i am thanks!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(probably i will uploud video tomorrow because i am very busy whole day at university)


University first. ETN second brother!


of course dear thanks for supporting me you was one of the first who helped me and share my pain :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just like everyone else in this forum, @Kurd.girl is more than welcome to her opinion. In an industry filled with people looking to take advantage of others, showing caution and raising concerns over legitimacy is not a mistake.


Noted. Twenty thinking about it minutes.


Send me your ETN address


@peace More ETN has been sent to:
Hope this helps bro!