Life is so hard 😓


how was the attacker able to accept and confirm the withdrawal e-mail from cryptopia as well ?
sounds like your computer was remotely controlled
if you use gmail, don’t save passwords on gmail accounts on your computer, add 2FA to gmail as well


no dear as support told me they disabled mail confirmation for withdrawal and this is so funny because if everybody can it… why we need that


If you examine your browser history, the exact phishing address should be logged, but please do not share it here
Can you find it ?


you can google it cryptia and first one is that site with ad
second one is real one


omg, that ad looks suspicious :scream:
I’m not a security expert, but it looks like some clever exploit using a website vulnerability (cross site request forgery?)

If the https address looks like




So, can we have someone give us the legit link to cryptopia please? Please then save it as the one to use when you need to login? Thanks


legit URL is:

You can also find the link from their legit twitter account:


Cryptopia has even changed their Login Greetings, check your URL !


I think cryptopia has a hole there. when you disable email confirmation or whatever in your account, you should approve that in a mail also.


Brave Browser will automatically upgrade any website listing to https:/ website (secure).
My browser will not allow me to sign into a suspicious website…
Avoiding wireless hotspots is also a good policy when dealing with your finances or someone elses.


Welcome to the world of Crypto. I have had more crypto lost and stolen from me than most will own in a life time. Please keep your chin up and take the lessons learned.


Here you go this is it


Ah, thaank you so much anwax , much appreciated!


Once you know the real site - save it to your favourites!!Good luck!


That’s a really bad story. f*cking scammers are everywhere.


When scam is detected, cany you all help me to keep this one a live and fill in the bad things we find? we need to fight back.


Sure @B.F.A. I’ll tell the other squirrels as well!


hay bro I have no ETN to spare but if you send me your Qrcode here I will send you some ETN


I can send you some small amounts of ETN, it won’t be a lot but hopefully it will help? I earn profit in ETN most days by trading on an exchange, I’m more than happy to do what I can to help.

Perhaps everyone else in this great community could also do the same, if we all just donate a small amount or whatever we can afford we should be able to help you get back most of what you lost. I like to think people would do the same for me, after all the strong ETN community is what sets it apart from other projects.

Make sure you have a secure wallet that hasn’t also been compromised, share your public address or qr code here and we will do our best to help.

Everyone else, please help out if you can.