Level verification notifications


I did the level 2 verification and uploaded my supporting document but never got a pending status or error notification. I did not think anything of it until I helped my wife do her level 2. She got an immediate notification of a pending status…so I started scratching my head why mine didn’t say that.

After some troubleshooting, my brilliant wife noticed my supporting document (JPEG) was over 9MB. After using Microsoft Window’s Snippet to create a new JPEG file, it was reduced to 210kb. After uploading the new file I was able to get the pending status.

Had I never helped her (although I’m not sure who helped whom), I would have thought my document was pending for days. There is no file size limit listed and no notification that a file is too large. I would suggest making sure something is mentioned and what someoen should expect after clicking the upload button.


Good Idea @Cryptoman976 they should mention it somewhere because i think more people will end up with the same problem soon :thinking: