Level II KYC - unable to upload .jpg, .png, or .pdf

I’m from the United States and have been successfully using the Electroneum Wallet Manager to deposit and send until recently when I was asked to supply KYC info through Yoti. I did all that successfully and was waiting approval.

Days later, I logged into the Electroneum wallet and the KYC requirements had changed for level II. Rather than submitting through YOTI, I was now asked to resubmit but only for ID and gender and birthdate. YOTI info was no longer asked for.

In this new request from Electroneum for my KYC data, I have not been able to upload a .png, .jpg, or .pdf to show m ID. When I submit a .jpg or .png, I receive this error, “The file you have supplied is invalid. Please make sure it’s an image or a pdf.”

When I submit a .pdf image of my ID, I receive this error, “This file is not a valid image.”

In any format, I’ve tried with my passport or my state license. Each receives one of these two errors, depending on the image format. My images are not particularly large and the content is well framed and not blurry.

I’ve submitted a ticket (a few days ago) and a ticket was successfully generated but I haven’t received a response.

Anyone been able to work through this issue? It’s completely blocking access to my wallet.

Hey 8133, sorry to hear you are having difficulties.

Level 2 does indeed include a requirement for identity verification via a document upload on my.electroneum.com.

The yoti integration has caused some people some difficulty hence why the team can disable the yoti part if you request via a support ticket. Obviously you have done that part already so not particularly helpful, but just for anyone else reading.

Regarding the document, I have seen a few posts here in the forum along those lines. Solutions usually involve changing the format but you seem to have tried that…Perhaps someone with a better memory will chime in below. It might be a red-herring error message, so perhaps try lowering the file size and submitting again. Let us know if that helps.

Regarding your last point, with millions of users and limited resource, support tickets/KYC can take up to 10 working days right now. So be patient and keep and eye out for the email response.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the FAQ’s incase there is anything in there (or its comments) which helps. https://community.electroneum.com/t/kyc-and-aml-faqs

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for the reply @BegaMutex. Yes, I’ve attempted to upload a rather small image of my identity document (~400k .jpg) and no success.

I received a reply today from Electroneum support that says I need to upload a bank statement or other supported “identity document.” However, that is not what the form I am on is asking for. The form I see clearly says that I need to support a Driver’s License or Passport along with its number.

There seems to be some confusion between what is being asked. Perhaps there is a bug in the page that is displayed to level II KYC applicants in the United States?

@user8133 and @BegaMutex I am also very interested in this thread for similar reasons.
Please let me know in this thread what you find out. I am also needing to complete my level 2 but
I do not like the Yoti. Can someone answer me in Detail on if I have to use Yoti at all anymore if I don’t want to??

I’m going to have to file a new support ticket. I’ll provide an update here if/when it becomes available

I received a second reply from Electroneum support that referred me to the following FAQ (KYC and AML FAQs) for KYC issues. This didn’t resolve this issue because the guidelines in the FAQ do not help those who have YOTI disabled. The FAQ assumes that every user is presented with the controls in the web form to upload a supporting document (e.g. bank statement) AND a document ID (driver’s license or passport). With YOTI disabled by the ETN admins, I only can see the form to upload a driver’s license or passport - and the upload is failing for those images.

I’m now filing a third support ticket for this issue. (Getting frustrated.)

can you send here a more detailed error message?
how did you get your jpg file?
is it a screenshot or a photo?
have you tried to open the image and save it in MS Paint or similar before uploading?

Electroneum is no longer using Yoti for verification services. Please see the KYC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further help on KYC/AML.

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