Level 3 in KYC means


By passing level 3 in KYC process we can send ETN over 10,000 Euro in 3 months!
This word “over” is important.
Maybe somebody thinks that 10,000 Euro is a limit in per 3 months! But you can send over 10,000 Euro by passing level 3.
Am I right guys?


No, actually it is limitless.
Then what would have been the point on passing the third level as well, unless you had total control?


wait so level 3 gives u a limit of 10k euro?


To me expression “over 10,000 Euro in 3 months” means without sending limits.


No, it is limitless.
The way they formulated the info isn’t very explicit.


I’m not sure if I understand this at all. If one have 10 mio ETN in the wallet can or can not withdraw all at once?


If you are level 3, yes, there is no limit.
Only that I believe it will not be an instant transaction, which, in my opinion, is understandable.


But why is there specifically stated “10000” and “3 month”? That’s confusing me the most.


Yes, the phrase is formulated badly.


Agree with you. To make it all crystal clear.

Level 1 - up to €150 per 3 month period
Level 2 - up to €10.000 per 3 month period
Level 3 - unlimited


Agree, this’s simply inadequacy which will be corrected in near future i believe :grin:


It means we can send ETN between 0-150€ in 3 months only by write our names down in the wallets?!


If you are level 3 you can transfer 1 billion ETN at one time if you like! There are no issues at all.


According to etn database, at this moment not many people need to complete level 3 but you could if you want.


What that supose to mean?


Meaning, Richard said in latest video that from what they can see it is a small percentage of users that actually need to complete level 3 but if you choose to complete it you can and be ok for the future


I am about to do tier 3. After I finished tier 2 the page said: If you wish to upgrade your account to level 3 to enable unlimited Electroneum transfer, please upload the document as described below.


I stand corrected then, thanks!


What documents it needs to upload for tier 3?

Recent payslip (or recent accounts if self employed)
Letter from employer indicating salary
Recent bank statement