Level 3 Document Refusal


i have uploaded my bank statement countless times but it keeps getting refused. Reason: I have no idea. its the same statement I uploaded on previous levels. I have USD and NRA accounts. I don’t know if i should upload my USD account statement.

Read the email refusal, it should include reasons.

The legislation is clear on whats required, and the officer dealing with your KYC request cannot accept the document unless it meets that criteria exactly. Level 3 (unlimited usage) requires a document which proves you would/are able to fund the account (to stop money laundering). That usually involves things like a bank statement showing wages or savings or something similar.

It must be current and the details (name/address etc) must match what you have entered on previous levels…that’s why people are made to acknowledge that the information they enter when registering is correct.

Read the KYC FAQs for further information.

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