Level 2 Verification Issues I am facing

So here I am again today. And God knows I’m already very tired from all of this.

I have a few questions please concerning the KYC.
My International passport was just accepted and I am surprised as to why I’m required to upload more documents.

Firstly, I am being asked who my Employer is and my Job title.
I believe I’m asked this because of the funds in my wallet so I’m a bit confused as to what to fill there.
The reason is that I am currently an unemployed student here in my Country so I don’t know if I should fill that in or just say that I’m employed by Anytask.com since that’s basically where I got all my etn from.

Secondly, they are requesting for either scans or photos of my accompanying documents.
I receive my bank statement via mail and want to attach the pdf. I don’t know if this is allowed.

I am asking these questions because I don’t want to have my documents declined again. I have run into tons of debt already and just want to clear this.

I would have sent these questions to the support team but they take too long to respond and I currently do not have the time.

Finally, will there be another process after this? like after submitting my bank statement to them?

Thanks for your time.

Hi 2608. Please read the KYC Frequency Asked Questions, it answers some of what you have asked.

Only support will be able to answer your questions on procedure i’m afraid.

It sounds like you are being asked to do Level 3 KYC - which is proof of funds. I would assume that if you got all the funds from selling tasks on AnyTask, then put that information in (AnyTask as employer, Task References, your account, screenshots of your task sales etc) rather than images of your bank account or payslip. (that’s assuming you are doing lvl 3…check the FAQs above to help with that).


Just write the money off.

I have been waiting 100 days and have provided them with ID and photo of me with ID, bank statement, 2 years of payslip history, tax statement, vehicle registration, 2 drivers licences, portfolio statement with address and university registration to try and verify my address and apparently it’s just not possible with all that information so unless you can summon a demon with your blood to send them a message through the ether to verify your identity then just give up. It’s not worth the headache

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