Level 2 limit kyc to low

Im all for kyc and i understand the need for it. Think the limit for level two is way to low though. For me its not a positive thing that i have to upload my passport to some random party which i never heart off.
Understand the need to fight money laundring but the team should fight for our privacy as well. Upload so many personal data to tranfer so litlle money?
Wish the team would fight a little bit more for our privacy!! Anybody else feels like this?

Unfortunately it’s not up to electroneum team. These are predefined EU regulations for a fintech company. It’s no different to opening a bank account.


It is not up to the team. Those are the EU Regulations.


The team cant fight it. It’s a set rule for a fintech company.
In future almost every coin will have to do this.


I donot have Passport , I dont know what to do

Exactly its regulatory compliant now with those levels and it depends on how many ETN you have and would want to move around else in general you could just settle with Level 1 only however as far as i know the amount you can send in level 2 is between 150€ - 9.999€ you can Send Over €150 per 3 month period if i am right that is and the third level is send unlimited over 10.000€ :thinking: So to provide some information to send that amount for me personally that isn’t any problem i understand your privacy concerns but i personally am not worried about it :wink:


Heey @pankuvirat do you got any other verification then a passport?


Hey, for Indian users YOTI asks for the only passport and I don’t have, I have other documents like a drivers license, pan card and bank accounts which have my photo in it and address as well

Heey @pankuvirat as far as i know a driver license will also do and you will need an address document for further verification to the next level i hope this helps :+1: and if you want to do level 3 you might need a bank document :wink:

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In India to Create ID in yoti passport is necessary. I am not able to move forward due to this. Wrote a mail to the support lets see what hapens otherwise I will have to move my etn or sell it as it is clearly written I cannot move my funds if no kyc.

Having Level 2 completed, you can send 3,333 Euro per month.
That doesn’t seem low. Once you’re at the point where you hit those limits, getting a passport should be quite simple regardless of location … you’d be considered somewhat wealthy.
edit: Don’t forget … you can also use the CLI without limits.


My mistake. I actually meaned level one. You cannot even buy a coffee a day without having to provite your passport. That makes level 1 useless in my opinion

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I believe they have mentioned they are looking into other solutions to assist those in regions where ID is a problem.
I’m sure they will find something especially with the number of people raising similar concerns.

You can do level 3…It’s basically exactly the same documentation needed…Level 2 and 3 i used the same bank statement…Level 3 you can send as much Etn as you want, and receive…

Contact support. I didnt have it too and they helped me

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I agree @purkiss80 i sended the same document also at lvl 2 and lvl 3 and got approved :wink:


Create support to etn or yoti?

Create Etn support…

If u dont have passport u can send ur bank account statement or if you are from india u can send aadhaar card tooo !

Send to whom? Etn support to verify me manually?