Level 2 KYC with less than 200ETN


First of all: I’ve been redirect from reddit to support and from support to here, so I’m losing my patience…

So, I’m not really against the KYC system or so when you hold larger amounts of money, but at this amount (less than 2€) it’s just ridiculous!
At reddit I’ve been directed to the KYC FAQs and that they tell why you have to do it…

I have read the KYC FAQs…

  • I have never held/used more than 150€ worth of electroneum! (Since I joined I have only been receiving ETN, from the mobile miner and a giveaway, I’ve never spend it because there is not much you can buy with less than 2€)

  • I do not live in a “High-Risk Third Country”.

  • My country is not a “High Risk and other monitored Jurisdiction” country.

and last

  • As far as I know I have not broken any of the rules in the Terms & Conditions. (But of course there is no way to see if you have been flagged or not and for what!)

So If I look at these, there is no other possibility than you accusing me of breaking the rules!
I’d like to know what!
(And a little suggestion, if people are required to do a higher level of KYC, then ALSO tell them the reason!)


Even a country that is a low “risk” country have different rules of KYC, so i do not understand the problem . Are the problem that you have to do KYC? or the redirection of information?

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the terms and conditions and terms of use can be read without login


The problem that I have is the fact that I have to do the KYC when I only have less than 2€ worth of electroneum (and never had more)


Of course I’ve read them. I read them while I was checking why I had to do the level 2 KYC for such a small amount of electroum and see if I possibly broke one of the rules, but as far as I know I haven’t…


Then it might be mandatory in your country/state