Level 2 kyc Problem

I am from India and Yoti app demands only Passport for it’s address verification. Like majority of Indians, I also do not have any Passport in order to do the basic yoti verification. I am really stuck. What should I do?

I even tried to manually add my address by creating support to yoti but they said that it is not possible at present

I mailed Electroneum about it but they said me to do the basic yoti thing. But the thing is how to do basic yoti when you are not able to add address. I am really stucked
When I scan the code the yoti app redirects me to upload my passport since I am from India.

Does anyone have the solution or I need to say Goodbye???

From my understanding you only need Yoti if you use online wallets if you use paper wallet and CLI no need maybe someone can comment?

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But the thing is I donot know how to use cli I am not a techy and I do not have laptop.

Brother, for level 2 verification, you may provide bank statement or electricity bill
There is no need of passport …

In that case wait for team to get back to you they are aware of this and are working on a solution dont worry too much for now plenty of time.

Thanks for the encouragement.

@ManzAli Ok tell me where do I provide my Bank statement. Yoti or mail the electroneum Support?


First you have to register with Yoti which is very simple. You do not have to give your passport details.

Once you are done with that, go to electroneum website, login to your account, go to settings and you will see the option to link your yoti with electroneum. Now you are done with your first level KYC

Level 2 - you need to upload any address proof on the electroneum website. Jst follow the onscreen instructions that you see there

Level 3 - any proof of fund document like bank statement, pay slip etc…

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Can you please screenshot me where is the option to upload any address proof on the electroneum website?? I am done with level 1

@pankuvirat I have already verified all three level hence I might not be able to show you, however check the below link for step by step procedure

I have done level 1 bro, next when I scan the code from yoti app it asks for my passport. Here the problem starts.

Yoti asks for your passport details or Electroneum website?

@ManzAli Yoti asks for passport


Did you try logging to your electroneum website and scanning the yoti barcode? Is it not working?

If you have tried it all, then these are your two options;

  1. Apply for a passport, which is not difficult these days in India
  2. wait for new update from electroneum for those who do not have passport and for those whose other government id are not accepted by yoti.

Sorry, I could not be more helpful brother.


Please read the below link. It might be useful for you.


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The issue is that from my passport yoti is not accepting the address, and that is the main issue it only scan front page not the last address page which lead to the issue that etn is not able to verify my details…

You dont need your passport to verify your address. This has been informed in the forum a lot of times.
Electroneum can verify your address with any other legal documents as stated in the website

How does Electroneum verify the address? That’s my problem with YOTI and I already emailed support about it, but they have no reply up to now.


i’m from indonesia but when i want to create my id with yoti after scanning QR code in electroneum website i got this problem when yoti ask for scan my passport. I’m stuck at this step

Level 3 kyc got problem because need to provide a lot of document but only can attached 1 JPEG file only, so how to attached more file or why cannot attached Zip file?