Level 2 is not working for me


I got past Yoti once. I can’t get it to scan again. I did the banking info for level 2. How long does it take for them to respond? Thanks


It took around 24hrs for my level 2. I’m around 48 hrs waiting for my level 3 so far if that’s of any help?


Same for me. I cant scan Yoti again. I submit my banking proof, click to complete setup and after 1 minute it shows up - " this site cannot be reached". Waiting on support to reply


If you already did the 1st step, you don’t need Yoti anymore.
Proceed with the final 2 steps as instructed on my.electroneum.com personal wallet.


Step 2 and 3 is done from electroneum website after you link your yoti level 1 with your profile.


I asked them the same question and they said upto 7 days.

I have done my level 2 almost 8 days back and it is still pending.

It seems we are in que among other level 2 application to be verified