Level 2 in KYC - Query


I am now retired so do not have an employer and therefore cannot enter details here.

This is stopping me from completing Level 2 and progressing on to Level 3.

What do I do ?


I am in a similar situation. What I did was provide a copy of a bank statement and level 2 was approved. I’m still working on level 3 with a statement from another account. Not sure if that will pass. In any case a bank statement should get you to level 2 at least.


Before you wrre able to upl9ad your bank statement, you uploaded your passport or dtiving license for yoti’sspproval. Right?


Yes. I had to complete Yoti with formal ID.


That’s my bottleneck problem, no passport and driving license. Therefore cannot go to next stage of level 2 verification. Are there any other ways?