Lev 3 completed and still tell me !!!!!!


Hi guy’s I was wondering I made a ticket for my question,sent messages to admin but no answer .yea I know the team very busy but as I believe of ETN i want to know what is true .so i got my account verified already Lev 3 and i don’t have that much of ETN it’s still tell me that
Your wallet may be subject to limitation/disruption including permanent or temporary withdrawal of access according to regulatory requirements. I m so nerv about that so please please for the last time can you explain why ? Thank you again i appreciate your efforts .


First I would just like to point out it is currently almost 12:30 am in the UK. I would give them at least 24 if not 48hrs to respond. Have you recieved level 3 verification on Electroneum account page? They also just went live today so there may be minor bugs they are unaware of. I would wait for a response from the team to try to help you threw it.


Are you from a high risk area such as UAE, Iran etc? If your Country is high risk politically then i have seen numerous posts telling people they have to complete lvl 3 regardless of amount of ETN held.

Also If your Country is under the higher risk catagory they are just warning you that if for example your country has looming sanctions against them, they may be forced to withdraw access from your online account.

If you are from a risky region, and think this could possibly include you, send your ETN to paper wallet or send Coins to an Exchange. Here they are out of harms way.


yeah actually i did it early from the first day of kyc period .this statment have been shown from awhile .i just worried about that firstly i don’t have that much of ETN but as a full done kyc i dont think it make sense .


But why should it be so?