Let's Vote About The future Price Of ETN Within 2 Years!

I see so many price predictions all over the place so i figured i should make a Poll so around what price do you all think that the price of ETN might be in like 2 years from now? :sunglasses::money_with_wings:


Will it be the price of Fugazi or the price of the Naga tribe or will it be somewhere in between or below those?
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    • Still Under 0,01 Cent?
    • Our all time High of around 0,20 Cents or below?
    • Between 0,20 Cents And 0,99 Cents?
    • The Special 1,00 Dollar Mark and up everyone talks about?
    • Around 5,00 Dollar and up?
    • Or Maybe Around 10,00 Dollar and up?
    • Or could it be the magical number 35,00 Dollar Fugazi Prediction?
    • Will it make everybody wealthy at 100,00 Dollars And Up?
    • Then again might it even hit 1000,00 Dollars and up?
    • Or what about the 150,000 Dollar Price Of The Naga Tribe!

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This were the prediction at bitcointalk back in 2011, actually a great prediction On 2012 with 100 usd per btc

1 x Satoshi owns 2,000,000 BTC
10 x “2010 Early geeks” own 200,000 BTC each
100 x “2010 Late geeks” own 20,000 BTC each
1000 x “2011 Q1 Early adopters” own 200 BTC each
10,000 x “2011 Q2 Early adopters” own 20 BTC each
100,000 x “2011 July Dabblers” own 3 BTC each

This distribution roughly matches the price and numbers available of BTC since its creation - it is an educated guess really

Here is what the current distribution looks like:

(2011 July | bitcoin at USD 20 = 1 BTC | 100,000 bitcoin users)

If you extrapolate the straight line for a year you get this graph:

(2012 July | bitcoin at USD 100 = 1 BTC | 600,000 bitcoin users)

And then push it out another year you get this:

(2013 July | bitcoin at USD 1000 = 1 BTC | 5,600,000 bitcoin users)

July 2011 | 50 USD millionaires)

Here is the same graph for the July 2012 projection:

(July 2012 | 120 USD millionaires)

And here is what it looks like in July 2013:

(July 2013 | 500 USD millionaires)


So we’re in a treat!

Yay voted…

Only a few months late :joy::joy::joy::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


Seems to be a well constructed vote. :slight_smile:

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