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Post anything and everything about the weather.

Woop! Im in. But its dinnertime, come back in evening!

For weather i use this site…

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Can start with mass media. Wich is a problem for the real science, its only about clickbate, simply, bad things sell,. So they pick out things that make headlines.
This i know, i got friends in papers.
Also the quality is pure shait. Like this norwegian, sayin countless times of headlining of things that never happens. This is bad for all research in long term. Its like yelling wolf wolf.
In this article, one of numerous, telling summer ice free arctic no later than 2015.
From 2008. They yell all 2000. But now its again more than in a long time. And they never go back stating, sorry, we just picked out one mans theory what CAN happen, and made headlines. But no it didnt.

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Climate change is making a huge impact on people’s life. There is a lot of reports that say it is natural and some say it is human made. The UN report is the one i got the most confident in and i think it a good guidance in the climate debate. Even in the UN report scientist argue about the result so the complexity of nature is huge. Like @JonneHex show above clickbait is clickbait. The scientist are doing is making a TA on the nature and it is a huge job :slight_smile: sometimes they got it right and sometimes they got it wrong, but in average they win five out of six trades.

Its just the climategate and un is political.
Also ipcc doesnt have much trust amongst alot scientists. Also people living in protest. And they pick out those who have the right view. Thats where my bell rings.
Science going political, thats when it goes bad

Climarealists, nonfunded site with wellknown sciencetists and former ipcc etc scribents, has alot stuff thats non politarized.

Interesting organisation you linked to. This is what they write about them self -

The climateists represent the climate-realistic majority in Norway’s population (Note 1). We are a party-political independent organization for us who believe that the climate is dominated by natural variations. We do not agree with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, when they claim that CO2 emissions change the climate dramatically. We support science-based public education as an important part of democracy. The realization of our purpose is conditional upon financial support from a multitude of private contributors.

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Its got funding, private yes. Only those with right views get funding, tought you knew that.:wink:
Solar funding is about zero. Even though thats the main source of life…
U dont get funds today, if its not related to, what some pick out, its hard. Thats a problem. But if you say, i go to svalbard study effects, they throw it at you😊

Or if your name is Stordalen, and i have a jet and a yatch, but i recommend BFA eat only 14g meat to save us… :joy:

well, weather turned FUD here too,
got the english mild winds, after days of snowing, so the road passed me turned into a wet fud swamp of slush. :rofl:
crap, so when it gets cold again it will be rock hard ice

i am not complaining we got warmer winter here and the forest are climbing higher up, soon people can live up here :slight_smile:

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Still not without alot of ‘glycol’
I want a olive tree, but thats maybe optimistic😄

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I had a old very nice blod bøk (dont ask the english) wich came with the property, but it didnt cope with the 2 ragnarok winters of 2008/9 and died. That was a sorrow. :roll_eyes:.
Its rare here.