Lets logg the user numbers


I also put in the link for Woocommerce so we can follow those trends too :slight_smile:

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Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

What’s up with that?


For what log the numbers i make weekly statistic for over 11 months!
Check data, price, exchanges etc here:


it is probably just updating. Logg the user numbers is just for fun because we have so many new member and it is so great to see the growth


I thought the number is so high that it can’t be put on the webpage. :)))


that is great stats you got there, keep it you are logging ouer history and it is great to look back and actually see what did happen


Better to use graph to monitor skyrocket or popularity
Or numbers from July till now - we have 40K new membres each week in history record was about 10K every day…


And i love this trending country map - Romania rullez
and second is NIGERIA!! than JAR - Pretoria, than Ghana


Haha Romania rullz indeed! :smiley:
But I feel Romania’s name in czech is kinda weird.





So the 6k new accounts a day is maintained pretty nice.


About 6 000 people each day it means 42 000 per week like showing my number in my excel… in history (during ICO) we have online graph it was much better - but someone need to create it.
I write to this man to contact formular but he didnt reply…
We have data during ICo covered:

And i want to see online data when marketing start -the boom in registering numbers…


can you do a trend analyze for 2019 or the rest of 2018?


Here are live data:
And here prediction:


For the rest of 2019 its OVER 5 000 000 total i dont count with some monster deal or viral marketing…


Yeah, I guess 3 million this year will be spot on with the numbers ETN team expected this year.


Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!