Let's log the user numbers


Hey, if it’s of any interest, I set this up to track the registered user counts. It obviously doesn’t have the historical data you guys collected, but It should automatically update once a day.




104 new users in the last 15 minutes…A rate of approx 6.93 new users every minute





Where did you find this and what this graph show? thx


I updated the first post in the thread with a link to this :slight_smile: so you can find it, because i was betting with myself you wanted this LOL, i am the same when it comes to stats. The graph tells increase or decrease in download trend of ETN instals, I like that :slight_smile:


Oh dear, looks like the resent security upgrades have prevented Wachete being able to poll the user stats. On the plus side, they are doing a good job blocking bots and automated tasks.

Anyway, the URL is my.electroneum.com/stats/counts.json, should anyone be able to set anything up.


adding some more data :slight_smile:


WACHETE not exist it writes right now. And speed have now slow down efect… last week it was about 45K and now only 30K per week more in my excel…


Wachete will no longer work as the electroneum website detects it as a bot, which to be fair is true. I tried to work around the issue and ended up ruining the historical data. So in the end I just deleted the whole thing. Sorry chaps.




Here we have map taken from Twitter. ETN headquarters give us some data about registration from total 2,55 milion.
So here are countries by registration numbers:

    1. with more than 100K are: China, India, USA
    1. with more than 30K - From Europe - GB, Germany, Romania, Russia; Asia - Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Philliphines; from Africa - only Nigeria; from South America - Brazil, Venezuela
      So please dont stop speaking with friends about our lovely ETN - its very important for mass adoption in YOUR country, region - we can than gain more easily the vendors…
      Enjoy the picture in High resolution.


Please if you can support me at Twitter for better reach to our key regions… every Rt and like help us to be more visible :wink:


You Forgot South Africa…WE Have 10K to 30K…NOT only NIgeria…


Sad is that we haven’t more fans in Kenya or Egypt… And Nigeria can have 100k+ for sure… :slight_smile: which country you help me with?!



We are a little bit slowing down in history it was 30-70K per week - now for last week only 20K but still its growth.
Numbers of users from last 3 months:
Yesterday help us upgrade at Kucoin to Kucoin plus and Hitbtc listing.
For growth we now need an email with all updates.
Than Cloud mining and launch of trial stage to see progress.
Too we need launch the vendor directory seems that we have 100+ instalation of our plugin ETN commerce - I need to know which concrete websites are on the list… :slight_smile: