Let's help inform the internet crypto community with bullet points

What is Electroneum (ETN) and why it’s important.

Yes… it’s another cryptocurrency but it’s different. Let me explain.

Some aspects of Etn are:

•Etn transfer between etn users is instant, 2 sec or less. Transaction verify on blockchain 16 min or less.

•You can move millions of dollars in the form of etn for a few cents.

•Etn is uses (kyc) know your client just like banks.

•If you lose your password or account info it’s not lost forever. You contact etn team and verify who you are and 3 days or less you have your account info back.

•Etn is not susceptible to 51% attack’s

•Etn uses trusted (NGO’s) non-governmental organizations to mine or verify blockchain.

•The energy that etn mining consumes is less then 20 lightbulbs worth of electricity a year.

•The company Electroneum has money to advertise and keep things updated, running and staffed for at least 17 more years.

• Etn is based off of monero privacy coin.

•You can top up your phone or electric bill through the mobile app/wallet.

Help me out what am I missing???
If I’m wrong about something please help me with correction. Thanks in advance

let’s help educate ignorant folks who haven’t even began to dream of the possibilitys of Electroneum and who are just throwing money at dirty bitcoin and random alt coins, when they could start investing with us.

Although yeah it’s based on Monero, the only thing left from Monero is stealth addresses and dynamic block sizes I believe.


you can earn etn at anytask.com
you can mine altcoins and get paid in etn at etncpu.thorshhammer.cc
you can rent servers using etn
you can pay hotels bills with etn
you can pay parking fees at US airports in etn
you can get paid in etn in some games
if you don’t want kyc you can use etn’s CLI wallet (but then no instant payment)
on M1 phone you still get etn rewards
you can associate a debit card to etn
you can check where etn is accepted at etneverywhere.com

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