Let the FOMO start. Last chance to buy ETN at such a low price!

Hype trains about to jump off the tracks and start flying to the moon.

KYC its coming… its coming!!
Advertising and marketing its started
Apple app ultra soon
Bitcoins supposed to rally 2019
Millions of new users monthly joining
Viral growth + mobil partnerships
Etn blockchain works flawlessly
Instant transactions
Mobil miner
and so much more…

Any buy under .3 cents in my opinion is a great buy. Closely approaching. After that sit back and to the moon!! :money_mouth_face:

You are right! we are going to the moon so buckle up

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We are all set and hyped for the moon :scream: :+1: :+1:

BUT if you gain access to any unbiased information,
please inform the community ASAP



New exchanges and contrakts on the way so i think it si our last chance to buy below 3 cents.


Cool down it need time and moon is coming but over next year i think.