Ledger nano S support

With ETN’s rapid growth the electroneum team needs to be contacting hardware wallets to push out compatibility for ETN. The mobile wallet should only be used for daily use for retail and personal use not storing large amounts of ETN… i personally do not like having paper wallets.

I am not a fan of them either @CommanderETN and i agree hardware wallets for ETN might be nice however knowing me i might end up loosing it also if i don’t put them in the bank :thinking:

Thats why u have a recovery phrase. U can lose the hardware wallet buy a new one and restore your wallet…

True but you gotta keep that phrase safe then to :yum:

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This is true. Its just an extra layer of security if ur shit gets robbed. There is zero security if someone gets your paper wallet.

i agree plus you gotta laminate it and put it in a air sealed bag and such because it could get water damage and other damages on it and you can easily loose it between other papers if you don’t put it in a bank or even worse trow it away without knowing it :neutral_face:

You could get encrypted usb drives and save the pdf file on those then store them securely. But still no backups remain a risk

In the end anything can be a risk nothing can be completely 100% secure there is always something that can happen with anything sadly :yum:

I stopped using my ledger - its a pain in the ass. I travel a lot and its something very easy to lose and then you need your phrase so if you carry that with you what is the point of the security? If someone sends it to you how will they do it without compromising security? Its not worth it I don’t think. ETN you can log on anywhere use your pin but of course be careful of keyloggers I guess where you log in…I think the pin is hidden though. All block chain has this problem. the hoops you have to jump through to protect pass phrases is brutal. Also if someone puts a gun to your head demanding your crypto what can you do LoL.

Ledger devices and other hardware wallets have a workaround to the ‘gun to the head’ scenario

You can setup a hidden wallet so can create ‘plausible deniability’