Ledger App Implementation


I have managed to code a working ETN ledger app which can be found on my github repo. I’m unable to send links but if a member of the team would like to access the repo, PM me and I can send the link to you. Also, I understand that the team has a repo for the ledger app and I have tried it but it is terribly out of date so I redone the code with the latest copy from ledger.Also, I was wondering if there is a bounty on the ledger app implementation as well.


Nice work!!! it wold be awesome to store etn on the ledger nano s I have !!!


Hi Ryan, this is AMAZING. I’ve passed it onto the CTO and CEO. They will contact you ASAP.


I wonder if an independent wallet would help investors?

Nothing wrong with the online etn app/wallet or the paper wallet but maybe an independent wallet free from kyc could assist uptake.

Edit: not that anyone officially wants to bypass kyc/ aml

I got a reply from a dev on telegram stating that ETN’s code is too old to communicate with the current version of the ledger app so this has been put on hold for the time being

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Richard said in one recent interview that a hardware wallet was being worked on by ETN and wasn’t too far away from release so maybe we have a custom option coming soon anyway. The ledger would have been nice though as so many already have it.

AMA with Olivier Acuña Barba, PR Electroneum ~ Mid August 2019


The thing is, I have already coded the ledger app and confirmed that it generates an etn address, however, I don’t have the skills necessary to implement the code in the electroneum wallet cli to communicate with the ledger and the etn team has a lot on their plate at the moment because the ETN code is so backdated compared to the monero code.

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