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Can anyone explain how to mine this coin?

There is no mining for ETN other than for the entities that are now approved by ETN. Individuals cannot mine the coin anymore. There is more information on the website about how the mining is being done and how the blockchain was modified.

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you can mine other coins on a powerful PC (like eth on ethermine.org) and you exchange them to etn or go to
thorshammer pool which mines other coins and it pays you in etn so you don’t have to do the exchange yourself:
ThorsHammer - New CPU / GPU Mining Pool - Payment in ETN

more info from the pool owner at telegram

BUT mining on a PC is worth only if you have free electricity and you don’t mind wearing down your PC.

So it’s better to buy etn.

But if you don’t have money the the best option is to learn some digital skills and sell tasks on anytask.com and get paid in etn.

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