Latest NagaBeau ETN price prediction!




This is more damaging than than most of the FUD.

Please stop it.


Just wanted to bring some smiley faces on the forum.
You don’t need to take it seriously.


I’m telling him to stop it, not you.


He went from 150.000$ to 35$ That’s a big drop down in price :open_mouth:


No, this $35 prediction is the work of Fugazi, if you have heard of him.


Ofcourse i know about him @eFiJy :yum:

I made this poll:


Certainly covers a big spread, but actually less of a percentage difference than from the current price to $22…


If the bull run happens this year, as we saw it in 2017, ETN can reach between $0,50 and $1 until January 2019. After that, Lord have mercy on our souls!


This guy is wack. He is not predicting, he is guaranteeing. So, what’s up with his 70k guarantee?

Can we ban this guy from the internet?



After that marketing starts what will happen then :rocket:


Haha. NagaWack Fugazi Parteh.


Damn, I am guess I super pessimistic on price I am just hoping we can hit 1.5cents by the end of the year. Would be over the moon if we could hit 15cents in the next year! lol


I like this video better! :wink:


I see people hating on him. However, his energy and love for ETN is superb. He has as much rite to be on here as anyone.

Love your energy Naga Beaux, keep the videos coming, very, very entertaining and I for one, love them.


I mean, maybe he knows something…or not. I wouldn’t want to be the one I bashed him for this price prediction, and this price to be reached at one point. Ok, maybe not that price, but at least a few thousands of dollars.
A quote from Assassin’s Creed: ‘’ Nothing is true, everything is permitted.’’


Come on man, 1.5 cents? This can be reached until October only. This is too small.
And in November we have the BAKKT launch.


In any case, his passion is exhilarating. We need more of that! :smiley:


Hahaha, nicest video until now! :smiley:


Exactly!! One thing to remember about all cryptos, no one has a clue what is going to happen. ETN is such an unknown, NO OTHER crypto is doing what this team are. We are in uncharted waters in a massive way so dont get too hung up on what anyone has to say, because I promis you, ultimately they have no idea, no one does.