Last mobile miner update


Now, the miner spends more battery and mines a lot less. (Before 10etn each 2 days, and now 4 days and I’m still waiting to arrive to the 10) What have been the changes? I m mining with the mobile since it’s launch, but seems that on each upgrade they make it worst for having it running in background…


Other coins don’t even give you an easy option via official app to get any coins… I think you should be thankful that Electroneum is giving out any free ETN.

Your mined ETN will arrive no matter what, we just migrated to instant payment system, give the team some time to pan out any server bugs/issues :neutral_face:

Mobile app power usage is no different then what it was before the update.


I’ve found the opposite.
Before the update it was taking just over 3 days to collect my 10 coins.
With the new update I’m earning 10 coins in 48 hours :grinning:


Personally, I have been mining 24/7 on my phone, and haven’t received any rewards since the 5th…


Mining working great


Tips how to improve the miner - write yours:
Add GAME to the app - we have HODL Rocket or Fight the FUD - i can be donator and give weekly rewards 1st place 1000 coins, 2nd place 500 coins and 3rd place 250 coins - but i want some in game purchaces back as a reward - maybe after some time it can be more protitable and be not in negative number (so i get more coins back…)
Add notification - that miner is not active - app crash often after the last update… (what can help me?)
Add link to this forum Create a chat or something like Skype or Whatsupp - you have our mail and phone number so you can create a nickname - after kyc would be fine because you have real people behind accounts
Add link to vendor icluding details and map
Maybe consider to boost referals system with add new lvl - 2nd line aditional 1% from refering people
Add more Languages and Currencies - 50 of both or more to have wordwide adoption and cover all states with their mother tongue and their currency
Add possibility to turn off the notification - you dont need to see all wallet refresh only incoming payments and payments from mobile miner
Can you continue and add something more?


At some of my post i havent edit button like i want to edit the reply above but under the reply i have only - its bug or normal that i couldnt edit my own post??
To inform you after the last updates we are in slowdown mode now only about 2-3 coin per day - taken from my excel and i have 159 referals:


I disagree about adding games and chat to the Electroneum app. In the long term, the app is intended to be the interface for crypto transactions. After all, Electroneum sees itself as a hybid fintech company. If Electroneum wants partnerships with the giants of commerce, the app needs a clean GUI that minimizes fluff and focuses on ease and speed of transactions. Games and chat are useful for marketing but I would be very disapointed to see them tied to the core app itself.