Laminate paper wallets?

Never gotten a straight answer to this question. Is it a good idea?

I suppose it would depend where you have it. It shouldn’t be in your wallet, EVER, so that’s not a concern. Safest would be more than one copy stored in watertight, secret places.
The only reason for laminating that I can imagine is if you want to store for 50 years and leave it to your grandchildren…

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Laminate will protect the printout.

laminate them and put them and store safely.

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I don’t think it’s a bad idea either way laminate and seal them only gives extra security in my opinion :wink:


I’ll be keeping it in a safe guarded by ninjas.

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There you go Beep, unless the ninjas use your deck of private keys to start a game of Blackjack, you should be fine. :smiley:

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That really depends on how much ETN you keep on it, if you want to carry small amounts of ETN around, then yes, laminate it.
If you plan on keeping the majority of your ETN on a paper wallet, then put it on an encrypted USB stick and put it in a fireproof safe or safe deposit box at your bank.

I’ve considered that as well.

The best option out there is to learn your keys by heart. :smiley:

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i find the best thing to do is print out a fresh wallet - then put the etn on and then burn it. NO ONE is gonna hack that! :wink:

And how do you know your adress then?

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it was a joke - definitely dont burn your paper wallet :smiley:

Ahahahahahahahaha! :slight_smile:

Why not store your coins in the mobile wallet and be free, it’s secure and can’t be breached.

It’s not that secure actually.
There are 5 different ways to hold your coins:

  1. Exchange (Least secure, this is the best way to have your coins stolen)
  2. or mobile wallet (It is somewhat more secure than exchanges, but it is possible to be hacked, since they actually exist in the online space)
  3. Desktop wallet (It is the first high-level security you can have for your coins. It has to be backed with a powerful antivirus, having the security level at maximum. Also you need to be careful where you ‘‘travel’’ on the internet. An example of a good desktop wallet is Exodus)
  4. Paper wallet (This option is bulletproof, as long as you don’t dig your own grave by losing the keys)
  5. Hardware wallet (This should, in theory, be the best option for storing cryptos. Unfortunately, there is no hardware wallet that can store ETN, at the moment. Also, the hardware wallet can be prone to malfunction and you have the same potential issue you have with the paper wallet, and that is losing your 24 word recovery phrase, so another printed information)

All in all, the / mobile wallet is the best option for the majority of people, as it is the most convenient and quite secure.

I think it is a good idea. Why not.

Good list.
*While keeping in mind not all Anti-Virus software is trustworthy…


Yes, I mean paid license antivirus, like Kaspersky or Bitdefender.